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Bhram - Illusions

‘Bhram’, an ancient Sanskrit word for illusions, impressions, deceptions… Much like this site; an ode to the fleeting illusions created by light, captured by the art of Photography.


Bhram is amongst one of the many endeavours of Ajay Salanky, a graphic designer by profession, Ajay is also a social activist and avid photographer from Bangalore. His passion for photography complements his love for roads, especially the roads less travelled…
October 17, 2019

The Jazminn – Interior & Exterior Photo Shoot

When I was given the task of shooting the exteriors and interiors of the Jazminn by Mr. Najeeb Akhtar (the owner of the luxury service apartments), I was excited for two reasons. One was that the Jazminn’s an exquisitely designed building–with four themed apartments and twelve stunning bedrooms, and a photographer's true delight. And the [...]
June 18, 2019

Macro & Nature Photography Expedition – Agumbe

“Macro Photography lets you get close to the familiar and present it in a new manner that people aren’t used to seeing” Date: 21st - 23rd June '2019 Location:Agumbe Mentor: Hayath Mohammed Expedition Overview. This is an on-location photography workshop, in the thick rain forest capturing the flora & fauna available in Agumbe as well [...]