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Day 7 – I chose to capture the doll arrangement at home. The 10 day festival of Navratri is celebrated in various forms across India. In the Southern states of India Festival of Dolls is part of the celebrations also known as ‘Bommai Kolu’, ‘ Bommala Koluvu’, ‘Dussera Gombe or Bombe Habba. This festival marks vibrant arrangements of dolls of all shapes and sizes.

An earlier post on this topic here outlines the history of the festival.

This year comes with a twist thanks to the Coronavirus and social distancing norms set in place, the enthusiasm in making the arrangements was low, knowing not many would visit or would be invited.

As Maa Durga overcomes evil at the end of Navratri leading to the celebration of Vijaya Dashami, let us all collectively beat the virus. Our true celebration would be to sail safe through the pandemic and come together to merry once the world is a safer place.

Lord Shiva with his consort Parvathi, Ganesh and Kartikeya
Glimpse of the arrangement
Pattada Bombe - also refered to as Raja & Rani
Lord Ram, with Laksham, Sita and Hanuman
Infant Krishna
Goddess Saraswati
Lord Vishnu with his consort Lakshmi and others
Lord Vishnu, Shiva Bhrama and others
As assortment of scenes
Gundamma and Gundappa at their shop
Rass Leela - Shri Krishna
Fruits and vegetables made of wood

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