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Bommai Kolu – Dussera Dolls

The display of dolls in households during Dussera is a tradition that is being followed over the last 500 years. This tradition was started during the reign of Vijayanagara dynasty, and the practice is famously known as ‘Bommai Kolu’, ‘ Bommala Koluvu’ or ‘Dussera Gombe‘. The tradition is very popular in some of the families …


Vijaya Dashami – Victory of Good Over Evil

The culminating day of the nine day long festivity is marked with the celebration of Vijaya Dashami  – the tenth day on which Goddess Maa (mother) Durga had her victory over the devil/demon. Celebrations take different forms in different parts of the country, ranging from worshiping the goddess Durga, to exhibiting colorful toys on the …