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Well, I finally launched my website / blog to display my photos on, but it’s not actually quite finished yet. There are still quite a few more features to be added, and bugs to be cleaned up, but I figured it’s about OK to reveal to Google (and the world).

I’ve been contemplating this for a while, and at last I have entered the world of bloggers. I have always regretted not being able to share the amazing experiences, and the many lessons in photography, travel and life that I have encountered through the years. I want this blog to be a valuable resource for fellow wanderers, photographers or even dreamers.

Some of the questions regarding the technical/practical side of photography will also be answered here. I am often asked something along these lines – What lens did you use? How was this lit? How did you get access? these will be answered through my posts with examples to illustrate how it was achieved. Periodically, I will post interviews of some senior photographers, who will share insights from their vast experience on how they do what they do.

Feel free to comment, interact and ask more questions. I will do my best to respond as much as possible.

spoonbill at ranganathittu
Spoonbill, shot at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka, India

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  1. NOlson

    Hi! Very nice website! I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing more of your photography! I’ve linked to it off my own website. I hope you get lots of interest and traffic. 🙂

    – Nichole

    1. Ajay Salanky

      Thank you Nicole, glad you liked it. Also thanks for linking back, I hope the posts to come will be of interest to you. 🙂

      – Ajay

  2. Seema Aarella

    Hey Congrats! And good luck with the postings, am all eyes to view the world through this window.

    1. Ajay Salanky

      Thanks Seema! slowly getting a hang of it, you will get to see more in the coming days 🙂

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