You are currently viewing Minimalist Compositions – Juxtapose Architecture and Sky

Day 5 – Exploring minimalist compositions to juxtapose architecture and sky. At play were the usual paper and a single light source.

Had to put on an architect’s thinking cap to mentally visualize the placement of the cards to mimic architecture. The place of light had to be in sync with the sun on the imagined scene.

Here I played with a set of two cards and a blue sheet or paper for the background. Not entirely happy with the results, but there was considerable learning in the process. It’s one thing being outdoors and capturing architecture during different times of the day, while it’s a totally different ball game to create a scene on the working table. Today’s exercise kept me sleepless for a long time, my mind was running through tons of ideas of what could have been done to make it better. Sure will try them at some point, but for tomorrow I want to break away from structures and choose other everyday objects, stay tuned for what’s next.

Shot using a single light source for illumination, with a Nikon 28-300mm lens my favorite travel lens, and my trusted Nikon D850. Here are the images.

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