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Astrophotography is the art of shooting astronomical or celestial objects. Anywhere from using the night sky to make landscape pictures pop to taking super sharp and close up images of distant galaxies. When taking photos of the Milky Way, distant planets and galaxies or creating star trails, a little planning, and the right equipment can produce some amazing results.

In this talk, Ajith took us through the nuances of Astro-Photography, giving us insight on his journey, the gear he uses, and the challenges and opportunities in astrophotography.

Ajith hails from Mylode a nondescript village in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, he lives in Qatar and works with a Japanese company, Torishima as a Health and Safety Manager. Ajith’s journey with photography started in 2011 with an interest in wildlife, in 2013 he first photographed the Milkyway and ever since has been mesmerized with the night sky and celestial objects. To his credit, he has photographed various planets in our solar system, distant Nebulae, and comets. His works have been published in various journals and magazines including BBC, Wild Planet to name a few.

An initiative of Photowalk Bengaluru -‘Knowledge Nibbles’ is our way of staying connected as a community when the pandemic has restricted our monthly photo walks. Our endeavor is to bring to you photographers who have aced in their chosen genre of photography, talks aimed at inspiring us, and keeping the fire going.

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